Where will you be in 5, 10 or 20 years?

It's all up to you! Working with a trusted Certified Financial Planner Professional (CFP).to guide you through the challenges and having a personalized financial plan in place will help you to achieve your goals and live the lifestyle you choose. Start planning your fabulous future today!

About Lill

Lill Jorgensen is a Certified Financial Planner Professional (CFP) and Life and Health Insurance Advisor with over ten years experience in the financial services industry; contracting through Desjardins Financial Security Independent Network (DFSIN) since 2004. Her experience is broad, having worked for one of the largest banks in Canada for 5 years before moving on to become an independent planner. Her experience includes running a small business for 3 years as well and working as a Licensed Practical Nurse, while completing her Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts at the University of Calgary.

"Lill became my beacon of financial hope. She worked with me where I was and helped me overcome my fear of finances by educating me in real person terms and by slowly but surely changing my bad habits into powerful habits."


Lill uses her education and life experience to help individuals, families and small businesses plan a financial future and protect against unforeseen pitfalls that can ravage even the best laid plans. As an independent planner, it allows her to tailor a detailed strategy to each client's individual needs.A life insurance advisor that loves to travel With her upbeat personality and sense of humor, Lill provides a low stress, client-focused environment. Lill believes in a hands on approach, whether it is a calm reassurance that everything is okay, or an encouraging reminder to stay on track to achieve your goals. Lill will help you find direction in your financial journey and adapt to the changing circumstances of life.

Lill endeavors to take the same well-balanced approach to life that she advocates for her clients. In her leisure time, Lill is an avid traveler. She has been to over 70 countries and on all 7 continents. When at home, Lill enjoys spending time with family, friends and her dog.


Lillian gets many happy messages from her clients because she forges such strong relationships with them.

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